Model GEOBIKE X-Road 2.0

  • X-Road 2.0 is an electric bike designed for driving on paved roads. Created for people who want to cover long distances or move quickly through city streets.
    The X-Road 2.0 is equipped with a light aluminum frame, a rigid front fork, TEKTRO Novela hydraulic disc brakes and KENDA tires with minimal rolling resistance that ensure efficient driving on asphalt and concrete roads and other paved surfaces.
    The 8-speed SHIMANO Acera 8 and 5 electric-assisted gears will allow you to overcome any elevation without too much difficulty. Depending on the route profile, driver’s weight and assistance mode on a single, fully charged battery, the X-Road 2.0 allows you to cover a distance of up to 130 km.
    The lithium-ion battery has been placed in the frame (easy to disassemble), equipped with a USB socket that allows you to charge batteries while running on smartphones, MP3s and other electronic devices.
    The controller mounted on the steering wheel allows you to control the electric support, is equipped with an LCD display that shows speed, battery charge, distance and selected driving mode.
    The equipment also includes Spanning lights with LED bulbs, fenders useful during rainy weather and a boot, on which you can mount panniers or bicycle bags.
    A model with a choice of battery capacity (10.4 Ah, 13 Ah and 14.5 Ah).