Hulajnoga Xiaomi Mi Pro 2


Scooter rental: The MiJia M365 Pro electric scooter has a simple, minimalist design, where every detail works for comfort and ease of use. To ensure the most comfortable riding experience, the scooter has a solid structure with IP54 resistance, a long stable handlebar and pneumatic tires. If necessary, you can fold it up in no time and put it in the trunk or take it in your hand thanks to only 14.2 kg of weight. Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro Electric Scooter

All functions at your fingertips
On the Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro steering wheel, in addition to the accelerator, brake and bell lever, there is a clear control panel. With one button you can start the scooter, turn on the lights and choose one of the three riding modes: ECO, Standard and Sport. The LCD display will show you the current speed and battery charge status. You can also connect the Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro with your smartphone thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module and access all driving settings, as well as update the software or view statistics on your trips. You will also receive notifications on the phone, e.g. regarding required maintenance. Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro – Steering wheel, LCD

Driving safety at all times
Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro has a bright headlight on the front and a red warning light on the back, thanks to which you will be safe also in the dark. The dual braking system, consisting of a 120mm disc brake at the rear and a front E-ABS brake at the front, ensures effective braking in all situations. Large pneumatic tires with a diameter of 8.5 inches well cushion road bumps, allowing you to use the Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro on many types of surfaces.

A capacious and efficient battery
Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro has a quiet, brushless motor with a rated power of 300 W, which ensures a dynamic start and a smooth ride. The scooter can successfully carry people weighing up to 100 kg, and at the same time can reach a maximum speed of up to 25 km / h. Thanks to the battery with a capacity of 474 Wh, the Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro scooter will allow you to travel a distance of up to 45 km on a single charge. The batteries have as many as six protections, including overheating and overcharging, which will allow you to enjoy the ride without fear. Importantly, the scooter has a special system that recovers energy from kinetic energy and regenerative braking, which further extends the battery life. Xiaomi MiJia M365 Pro – Lighting, brake


Max speed
25 km / h
Maximum range
approx. 45 km
Maximum load
100 kg
Wheel diameter
8.5 ″
Maximum slope angle
12 °
Steering wheel
12800mAh Li-ion battery
Charging time
9 hours
Material of execution
Working temperature
-20 ° C to 50 ° C
Additional information
Battery discharge indicator
IP54 waterproof
Overcharge protection
Built-in Bluetooth module
White front lights and red rear lights for safety
LCD display
Speed ​​lever in the handle
Disc brake on the rear wheel
LED rear light
Front / rear brake
14.2 kg
Accessories included
Power Supply
User manual
24 months (seller’s warranty)