Bike Merida Crossway 20 V


Bike Merida Crossway 20 V
The Crossway 700C group
DT-V Aluminum Frame
Skok P / T 63 / – mm
Shimano 3×8 drive
V-Brake Jaw Brakes
Wheel size 700C

CROSSWAY is a sporty, universal bike perfectly suited to everyday use. The relatively light and extremely strong aluminum bicycle frame from the CROSSWAY series makes them a tool for achieving very different goals. Thanks to the contoured 700C tires, CROSSWAY likes asphalt and gravel, and its cushioned fork provides comfort and safety in every situation and on every ground. Well-designed components make the bike work well every day, and the strong aluminum frame guarantees reliability and durability. Among the many models there was a version for women – with a lower upper tube to facilitate getting in and out of the saddle. Many will be able to admire it in the city, to which CROSSWAY is also perfectly suited due to the possibility of mounting a fender, a boot and a foot. For even greater comfort, some models are equipped with a cushioned seat post.